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Broadcast Messages

Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Sales by Delivering Relevant Communication on WhatsApp

Shared Team Inbox

Superior customer support with unlimited team collaboration, using a single WhatsApp Business Number. Effortlessly serve customers together.

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly automate interactive conversations, nurture relationships, and drive conversions with our visual chatbot builder's drag-and-drop simplicity.

Newsletter Delivery

Segment, Opt-in, and Send GDPR-compliant WhatsApp Newsletters based on Tags, Preferences, and Opt-in Collections for Targeted Audience Engagement.

Conversion-Driven Marketing Campaigns

  • Send promotions, deals, and back-in-stock reminders while adhering to consumer preferences.
  • Create campaigns, send abandonment notifications, appointment reminders, and re-purchase reminders.
  • Trigger order and booking confirmations, subscription reminders, delivery updates and more
  • Sell more using your WhatsApp .

  • Using the commerce API, you may showcase relevant goods from your catalogue via WhatsApp product messaging.
  • Send dynamic multi- and single-product messages to showcase your goods.
  • Allow goods to be added to the shopping cart without risking outdated information such as price and availability.
  • With 1:1 customer assistance, you can deliver on critical occasions

  • Complement customer service with intelligent Whatsapp chatbots that can handle the majority of common enquiries.
  • Canned replies and self-service routines save response time and operating expenses.
  • Handover to live agents gracefully for complicated questions or furious consumers.
  • Unlock Measurable Business Impact with Wabhai

    Unleash Business Impact with Wabhai: Harness the Power of WhatsApp for Measurable Results.

    Reduction in CAC
    Open rate on WhatsApp
    Increase in cart recovery
    Higher click rate than SMS

    Chat at each touch-point

    Discover how WhatsApp can improve interactions with your customers at every stage of the customer journey.

    With WhatsApp's inbuilt catalog and cart capability, you can provide an integrated shopping experience and display your items. Customers may explore and add things to their shopping carts without leaving the conversation.

    Deliver exceptional customer service by promptly answering inquiries and questions on WhatsApp. Take proactive steps to engage customers after their purchase, providing them with valuable tips, updates on new collections, and more.

    Enhance customer satisfaction with personalized shopping experiences and digital clienteling. Provide tailored product recommendations to help customers find the perfect items.

    Keep your customers informed and engaged by sending timely notifications and alerts. Share order updates, appointment reminders, delivery information, loyalty point reminders, and more to provide a seamless customer experience.

    Engage your customers with promotional campaigns, invite them to digital events, and leverage WhatsApp call-to-action buttons for inbound marketing on your website and social media platforms. Expand your reach and drive customer interaction through WhatsApp's powerful communication channels.

    Utilize Facebook's and Instagram's Click-to-Chat ads to seamlessly guide customers to engage with your business on WhatsApp. Drive increased customer interaction by leveraging the convenience and popularity of these platforms to connect with your audience on WhatsApp.

    What does the Green Tick Mark symbolize?

    Green Tick Mark

  • Prominent companies are eligible for the Verified Green Tick Mark, indicating their partnership with authorized WhatsApp API providers.
  • Why WhatsApp with Us?

    Our goal for you is to utilize your WhatsApp business account to its fullest.

    Get going fast

    Fast onboarding

    It only takes a few minutes to set up your WhatsApp Business Profile.

    Reliable and scaleable APIs

    Implement our programmable API to fortify your infrastructure.

    Add more channels

    Do you require additional channels? Go true omnichannel with our Conversations API, which includes a plethora of additional channels.

    Compliance & Security

    End-to-end encryption

    Messages between your servers and Wabhai are encrypted from beginning to end.

    Hosted in Europe

    In Germany, we run our own datacenters and network infrastructure.

    Strict data protection

    No messages are ever saved on our end, and phone numbers are translated before being sent to WhatsApp.

    Easy integrations

    Connect your chatbot

    Connect your existing chatbot to WhatsApp using one of our integrations.

    Make use of your CRM

    Integrate your existing CRM with Conversations Inbox to improve context.

    Add eCommerce

    Connect Shopify or Magento to use them with WhatsApp directly.

    More reasons to go with WA Bhai

    Collaborate using Team Inbox & Chat Widgets

    Add WhatsApp widgets to your e-commerce site and collaborate with an unlimited number of team members to provide customer support on WhatsApp at scale.

    Monitor Chat & Campaign Analytics

    To improve your customer experience, track campaign performance, response and resolution times of your agents.

    Effortless Integration and Streamlined Functionality

    Wabhai offers seamless integration with your existing systems, making it easy to incorporate WhatsApp messaging into your business processes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    WhatsApp Business App
    It is used by small businesses for one-on-one & group messaging with templates Available on iOS & Android mobile platforms Accounts on the business app are created using the mobile number of the business. Not that the number used for the business app must differ from the one used for WhatsApp messenger. Supports Voice & video calls supportedd 3 options for automation:
    . Greeting Messages

    . Away Messages &

    . Quick Replies
    Customer contact list is accessed from the phone contacts & labels Broadcasts and bulk messages are restricted to a maximum of 256 contacts Can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and used for free

    WhatsApp Business API
    Used for process automation through APIs for central support by medium & large businesses Supports no mobile interface The account is created by applying for a WhatsApp Partnership, typically through WhatsApp Business Solution Partners such as WA Bhai. No calling capabilities are supported
    Automation is achieved through API integrations

    Contacts received through API integrations

    Conversation-based pricing applicable

    No upper limit on the number of broadcast recipients

    Three things are essential for your brand to go live with the WhatsApp Business API:
    . Facebook Business Manager
    . WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)
    . Line of Credit
    In case you do not have any of the above, then getting them is convenient with WA Bhai. Contact us to know more.

    Messages sent over the WhatsApp Business app are free. But there is a pricing component attached to the ones sent over the WhatsApp Business API

    Not at all. WhatsApp would complement your existing channels. With omnichannel communication being the norm across businesses.

    To access WhatsApp API, you'll need to apply for it through the WhatsApp Business API. Start by visiting the WhatsApp Business API website and following their application process for access.

    Optimize workflows by integrating the WhatsApp Business API with key functions. Connect customer support, CRM systems, order management, payment gateways, notification systems, feedback/surveys, and analytics/reporting to enhance efficiency and customer experiences.

    Begin your Wabhai adventure today and start reaching your goals.

    • Drive Sales & Customer Experience
    • No Set-up Costs
    • No Surcharge on Notifications

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