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Quick Start

Effortlessly access WhatsApp tools for instant and seamless management of your business.

Full access to WhatsApp

All WhatsApp benefits, such as the WhatsApp green tick, the WhatsApp messenger centre, and WhatsApp integration for your business.

Intense and engaging

WhatsApp Business account offers advanced capabilities such as interactive buttons, image sharing, location sharing, file sharing, and more.

Deliver Customer Care with a Personalized Approach

Contact your consumers and inform them that you are available on WhatsApp. It's quick, simple, and straightforward.

Dynamic Media Engagement

Enhance Customer Interactions on WhatsApp by seamlessly sharing a variety of multimedia content. Impress with visually appealing images, electronic tickets, engaging videos, informative audio files, and more.

Regardless of your industry, our platform enables you to go beyond text-based conversations and create meaningful connections. Elevate your customer interactions, provide valuable information, and take your business to new heights with our comprehensive suite of features on WhatsApp.

Buttons with Interactivity

Drive Immediate Responses with WhatsApp's Call-to-Actions and Quick Reply Buttons. Create interactive experiences by adding customized buttons within WhatsApp conversations, prompting specific actions and enhancing engagement.

Streamline Communication and Customer Interactions with WhatsApp's quick reply buttons. Enable instant feedback and easy responses, boosting response rates and facilitating efficient conversations for effective communication.

Notifications and Customer Care Messages

Facilitate Seamless Customer Communication with WhatsApp. Empower customers to initiate conversations anytime, anywhere while keeping them updated with important notifications using message templates.

Optimize Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Business API. Enable customers to initiate conversations, providing personalized interactions and delivering timely information for a superior experience. Streamline your communication strategy and unlock the full potential of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Automate dialogues with your clients to guide them through the sales funnel, enhance online reservations, streamline transactions, and provide prompt responses to their inquiries.

Explore Chatbots

Using WhatsApp automation, create call-to-actions and rapid reply buttons to receive immediate responses from your audience.

WhatsApp Messaging API for Empowering Enterprise Customers

Unlock the Potential of WhatsApp Messaging API for Enterprise Customers. Streamline Communication and Enhance Customer Engagement with Powerful Messaging Capabilities.

End-to-end encryption

Messages are encrypted from the company to the end customer, ensuring robust security, and are protected by HTTPS from your application to Wabhai.

Global Reach Unleashed

WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries, enabling you to reach your consumers through their preferred instant messenger, regardless of their location.

Elevated Branding

Build Trust with Customers by effectively showcasing your website, comprehensive company details, and precise location on your WhatsApp profile.

Support for over 40

Interacting with your audience in their local language will help you establish a stronger connection with them.

Custom interactive
message templates

Simplify customer responses by providing selectable response optionsdirectly within the WhatsApp chat.

Customer care

Respond to conversations actively initiated by customers using the same WhatsApp profile you use to personally message them.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business App
It is used by small businesses for one-on-one & group messaging with templates Available on iOS & Android mobile platforms Accounts on the business app are created using the mobile number of the business. Not that the number used for the business app must differ from the one used for WhatsApp messenger. Supports Voice & video calls supportedd 3 options for automation:
. Greeting Messages

. Away Messages &

. Quick Replies
Customer contact list is accessed from the phone contacts & labels Broadcasts and bulk messages are restricted to a maximum of 256 contacts Can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and used for free

WhatsApp Business API
Used for process automation through APIs for central support by medium & large businesses Supports no mobile interface The account is created by applying for a WhatsApp Partnership, typically through WhatsApp Business Solution Partners such as WA Bhai. No calling capabilities are supported
Automation is achieved through API integrations

Contacts received through API integrations

Conversation-based pricing applicable

No upper limit on the number of broadcast recipients

Three things are essential for your brand to go live with the WhatsApp Business API:
. Facebook Business Manager
. WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)
. Line of Credit
In case you do not have any of the above, then getting them is convenient with WA Bhai. Contact us to know more.

Messages sent over the WhatsApp Business app are free. But there is a pricing component attached to the ones sent over the WhatsApp Business API

Not at all. WhatsApp would complement your existing channels. With omnichannel communication being the norm across businesses.

To access WhatsApp API, you'll need to apply for it through the WhatsApp Business API. Start by visiting the WhatsApp Business API website and following their application process for access.

Optimize workflows by integrating the WhatsApp Business API with key functions. Connect customer support, CRM systems, order management, payment gateways, notification systems, feedback/surveys, and analytics/reporting to enhance efficiency and customer experiences.

Begin your Wabhai adventure today and start reaching your goals.

• Drive Sales & Customer Experience
• No Set-up Costs
• No Surcharge on Notifications

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